Little lion, probably Dresden, before 1706. Baroque pearl, gold. H 2,5 cm; inventory number: VI 127. Green Vault © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden 2016

The lion lying was originally located on a black and white decision taken Holzpostament, as you can see the inventory record of the 1725th The deformed pearl, which is characterized by a yellowish-gray sheen, forms the trunk and head of the animal. Its front and rear legs and the abdomen are made of molded gold, which has received subsequently by means of fine carvings the character of a coat. As separate molding the mane of the lion, which is slipped like a cap on the head of the animal was perlenen. In the recesses of pearl formerly likely small diamonds have been used to designate the eyes.Similarly, the head of the small Perlfigur a monkey is designed (Florence, Museo degli Argenti, Inv 2551), whose mouth and nostrils are filled with black enamel.