Banyan with flowers, Netherlands, ca. 1795. Cotton, linen, h 138 cm. BK-2012-67. Acquisition 1875Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

of cotton printed with floral motif sprinkle in block, with collar and lapels. Model: fitted with tight-fitting long-sleeved beaten back cuffs with three buttons covered with the same fabric. Collar and large lapels with a festoon every buttonhole. Closure center front nine with the same fabric covered buttons on each side and festooned buttonholes. Long slit on the back.Side pockets. Lined with a checked lining in ocher, light brown, beige and blue (Harlingen fur ': linen warp, weft cotton?). Calendered. Fabric: European cotton print, block supplemented by some parties signed. Brown long distance which sprinkled bouquets and steal twisted cord in red, blue and white.

This Banyan with sleeves is made of glazed cotton made in Europe. European cotton was, in contrast to the Indian Chintzes (hand-painted cotton fabrics) is often printed. Delicate floral and plant motifs against a dark background come to the end of the 18th century common.The jacket is lined with a coarse checkered cotton fabric