Lot 8116. A fine white jade bowl, Qianlong four-character mark and of the periodEstimate US$ 30,000 - 40,000 (€27,000 - 36,000). Photo: Bonhams. 

The bowl with a deeply rounded well supported on a stout foot, the curving walls rising to a sharply flared rim, the even white stone undecorated and smoothly polished, the base incised with a Qianlong four-character mark, together with a tiered, lotus-form wood stand. 5 1/4in (13.2cm) diameter

NoteThe bowl is exceptional in its execution and is a tribute to the high quality of jade work at the Qianlong court, with the simple design highlighting the beauty of the stone matrix. The four-character kaishu mark on the underside was reserved for prestigious pieces. For another Qianlong jade vessel inscribed with the same mark, see a 'dragon' vase of gu form from the Qing Court Collection, preserved in the Palace Museum, Beijing, illustrated in The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum: Jadeware (II), Shanghai, 2008, pg.157, no.118. A related bowl, formerly in the collection of Heber R. Bishop, Jiaqing four-character mark and of the period, is in the holdings of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, accession number 02.18.701.