Lot 1. A fine circular carved cinnabar lacquer (tihong) dish, China, Yuan-early Ming dynasty. Estimate 20 000-30 000 €. Photo Nagel

with landscape design and scholars in a garden with pavilion shore. D. 19 cm

the inside of the dish depicts a landscape scene with a spacious garden and pavilion and the gathering of numerous scholars playing the cither (qin), carrying painting scrolls, drinking tea and discussing and with attendants preparing and serving food, wine and tea, and the reverse is deeply carved in the thick cinnabar lacquer layer with a band of xiangcao, smelling grasses and herbs, scroll. The surface is at the shallow rounded inside covered with many fine shrinking cracks and also on the xiangcao scroll outside, the black lacquered base shows some few fine cracks, the interior below the rim with a short crack with tiny losses. 

Nagel Auctions. "Asiatische Kunst", Sale 736, 06.05.2016