Lot 1994. A rare pair of natural pearls, pearls and diamond brooches, by G. Estimate HK$950,000 – HK$1,200,000 (US$120,000-150,000). Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2016

Each of paisley motif design, the button-shaped natural pearls at the centre, measuring approximately 7.28 - 7.68 x 8.36 to 13.55 x 11.65 x 7.25 mm, accented by pear-shaped diamonds, within a two-tiered surround of pearls and a circular-cut diamond trim, extending to the spiraling tendril top, mounted in gold, 5.1 cm. With maker's mark for G

Accompanied by six reports dated 22 November 2007 to 13 April 2016 from the SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute stating that the analysed properties confirm the authenticity of these six saltwater natural pearls

Please note that four reports are more than 5 years old and might require an update

Christie's. HONG KONG MAGNIFICENT JEWELS, 31 May 2016, Convention Hall