Blue-and-White ‘Dragon’ Bowl, Zhiyuan Tang Hall Mark, Qianlong period (1736-1795)




Lot 6. Blue-and-White ‘Dragon’ Bowl, Zhiyuan Tang Hall Mark, Qianlong period (1736-1795). Estimate 8 000 € - 10 400 €. Unsold. Photo Auctionata AG

Porcelain with painting in underglaze blue. Bowl on a straight footring, with slightly flaring sides and mouth rim. The exterior finely painted with two dragons striding amidst clouds and above crashing waves, framed by double circles iat the mouth and the foot. Base with four-character 'Zhiyuan Tang zhi' hallmark within a double square in underglaze blue. Height: 7.5 cm - Diameter: c. 17 cm. Very good condition.

Provenance: from the Collection of a Swedish Connoisseur, Tore Borströms, Stockholm.

NoteThe mark 'Zhiyuan Tang zhi' can be translated as ‘Made for the Hall of Extended Remoteness’. This hall mark is recorded as having been used for a number of blue-and-white bowls of dragon-and-clouds design dating to the Qianlong period. Cf Geng Baocheng, Ming Qing ciqi jianding [Appraisal of Ming and Qing porcelain], Hongkong 1993, p. 383.

A pair of bowls of this design is published in Jeiwah's Gallery (Ed.), Ming and Qing Porcelain, exhib. cat., Hongkong 1987, no. 18, and another bowl is published in Patricia F. Ferguson, Cobalt Treasures, The Robert Murray Bell and Ann Walker Bell Collection of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain, exhib. cat. Gardener Museum, Toronto 2003, p. 23, no. 14.

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