A Junyao water dropper, Jin-Yuan Dynasty, 12th-13th century



Lot 15. A Junyao water dropper, Jin-Yuan Dynasty, 12th-13th century. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2016

The conjoined pomegranate water dropper has two small holes towards the top of each fruit and is covered overall with an milky-blue tone glaze that falls in an irregular line to the foot. 4 in. (10.16 cm.) wide. The small cup that was originally attached to this water droppers is missing with some associated glaze loss - few collection marks in black to the base of one pomegranate  - an area of glaze abrasion above the foot - a chip to the top of one pomegranateEstimation: USD 600 - 800

Provenance: Professor Jan Hellner (1917-2002) Collection, Stockholm, Sweden, 1982.

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