A rare molded Ding dish, Northern Song-Jin Dynasty, 12th century

Lot 706. A rare molded Ding dish, Northern Song-Jin Dynasty, 12th century; 6 ¼ in. (16 cm.) diamEstimate USD 20,000 - USD 30,000. Price realised USD 179,000. © Christie's Image Ltd 2016

The dish is potted with rounded sides rising from a short foot, and is deeply molded on the inner cavetto with a band of floral scroll below a key-fret band encircling the rim and above a single flower sprig in the center. The dish is covered overall with a clear glaze of warm ivory tone, Japanese double wood box

ProvenanceMayuyama, Tokyo, acquired in 2006.

NotesMolded decoration on Ding wares was adopted in the latter part of the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127) and flourished during the Jin dynasty (1115-1234). Ding dishes of this particular design are very rare. A shard with similar molded decoration, found in the Ding kiln site in Quyang county, Hebei province, is illustrated in Selection of Ding Ware: the Palace Museum’s Collection and Archaeological Excavation, Beijing, 2012, pp. 270-271, no. 117. A molded Ding bowl with similar design in the National Palace Museum, Taipei, is illustrated by Tsai Meifen, Decorated Porcelains of Dingzhou: White Ding Wares from the collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei, 2014, p. 150, no. II-95. 

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