André Derain (Chatou 10/06/1880 - Garches, 8/09/1954), Still life with fishes, Paris, 1940-45. Olio su tela - 46x55cm. Provenance Gallery D’eendt, Will Hoogstraate, Amsterdam, no. 37, André Derain ‘Still life of fish’ - 1912 - 46x55; David W. Huges, ‘Still life of fish, 1912’, André Derain, London, U.K.; modern art gallery l’Approdo, signed no. 1201, Turin, Italy; Arturo Bottello collection, Italia; private collection, Turin, Italy © Chiale Fine Art


Edicola, Castilla y Leon, 1300-1310. Wooden walnut carved and painted, 136,5x132x7 cm.  Royal coat of arms of Royal Family of Spain. Provenance: Collezione Rockfeller, New York, USA; collezione George Lurcy, New York, USA; collezione privata New York , USA - Expertise Dr.Luca Mor; Drs.Serenella Castri © Chiale Fine Art


Pair of Pier-glasses, Turin, first half of XVIII century. Wooden walnut carved and golden, 102x53cm. Royal coat of arms of Vittorio Amedeo II King of Savoy (1713-20). Provenance: private collection, Paris - Expertise Drs. Arabella Cifani © Chiale Fine Art

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