A moulded Yaozhou 'apsaras' bowl, Song dynasty (960-1279)

Lot 11. A moulded Yaozhou 'apsaras' bowl, Song dynasty (960-1279); 6 3/8 in. (16.3 cm.) diamEstimate HKD 60,000 - HKD 80,000 (USD 7,768 - USD 10,357)Price realised HKD 87,500. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2016.

The exterior is covered with an olive-green glaze with the exception of the foot rim revealing the fine-grained grey body, box.

Provenance: Acquired in Taipei, prior to 1995

Property from the Dexinshuwu Collection.

Christie's. The Pavilion Sale - Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, 4 October 2016, Hong Kong