Lot 23. A façon de Venise reverse-painted glass picture, circa 1570, Innsbruck or Hall-in-Tyrol. Estimate £10,000 - 14,000 (€11,000 - 16,000). Photo Bonhams.

depicting the Adoration of the Magi, Joseph standing before an impressive table covered in a cloth edged in gold, the Christ child in his arms, the three Magi before him presenting gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh whilst Mary looks on, the scene set within a crowded interior and framed within a formal border, wooden frame, 25.2cm x 19.6cm visible image

NotesReverse Paintings on Glass: The Ryser Collection (1992) illustrates at p.16, fig.7 a related panel of the Descent from the Cross attributed to Hall-in-Tyrol. Two further 16th century panels, of St Jerome and Christ Bearing the Cross, are in the Corning Museum of Glass. In the Museo Vetrario in Murano a plaque of the Supper at Simon's House has also been ascribed to the mid-16th century, see G Mariacher, Italian Blown Glass (1960), pl.58.

Ryser notes convincing circumstantial evidence that these so-called 'Venetian Panels' and a number of related reverse-painted dishes originated in Hall-in-Tyrol. Unlike later glass pictures, these panels were individually cast or formed rather than cut from larger panes of glass, resulting in their irregular edges and uneven, striated surfaces.