Lot 3144. A small moulded Qingbai ewer and cover, Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279); 3 1/4 in. (8.2 cm.) overall heightEstimate HKD 120,000 - HKD 180,000 (USD 15,543 - USD 23,314). Price realised HKD 100,000. © Christie's Image Ltd 2016. 

The ewer is moulded around the body with two continuous friezes of stylised flowers between lotus petals around the base and a petal collar, , and covered under a pale translucent bluish glaze stopping above the base. The cover is moulded in the form of a chrysanthemum, the mouth rim and underside are unglazed, box

LiteratureHistory of Chinese Ceramics, vol. 2, Taipei, 1985, p. 474 

Christie's. Chinese Ceramics From The Yangdetang Collection, 30 November 2016, Hong Kong, HKCEC Grand Hall