Plate with flowers, Ming dynasty, Jiajing six-character mark within double-circles and of the period (1522-1566)



Plate with flowers, Ming dynasty, Jiajing period (1522-1566), China, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province. Porcelain with incised design. H. 1 1/2 in x Diam. 6 1/8 in, H. 3.8 cm x Diam. 15.6 cmThe Avery Brundage CollectionB60P2063. © 2016 Asian Art Museum Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture

This type of green-over-yellow decoration was invented during the Yongle period of the early Ming dynasty, but its mass-production took place from the Hongzhi period onward. It became a necessity among imperial table ware from the Ming through Qing dynasties. The central flower branch on the interior is accompanied by six fruits and flower sprays on both the interior and exterior sides. The green color shows a subtle effect in tonality where it touches the incised yellow ornament.