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Iznik tankard, Turkey, Late 16th-early 17th century, 21.5cm high. Amir Mohtashemi Ltd at Brafa Art Fair, Brussels, 21-29 january 2017.

The Iznik tankard is decorated with cobalt blue and green saz leaves with half-flowers of bole-red and cobalt blue alternating with stylised hyacinths with bole-red buds on tall green stems with small green leaves. 

The shape of this tankard likely derives from German or European-shaped wooden tankards (see B. Rackham, p. 32, nu. 100). A similar example although slightly shorter (20cm high) than our example is published in Rackham, pl. 39, nu. 100A, however, their example includes serrated leaves and carnations. 

LiteratureBernard Rackham, Islamic Pottery and Italian Maiolica: Illustrated Catalogue of a Private Collection, Faber and Faber, London, 1959, p. 32.

Amir Mohtashemi Ltd. Indian and Islamic Works of Art, 69 Kensington Church Street, London W8 4BG, United Kingdom