Ancient Head of Medusa Gold Ring, circa 300 BC. Image courtesy Romanov Russia.

This high carat gold Hellenistic stirrup-shaped ring is designed as a gold disc with a horizontally positioned archaic relief head of Medusa.  Framed by two rows of gold twisted wires. The ring is solid, wearable and in excellent condition. Diameter of the disc 20 mm (6/8 in.). Weight 7.56 grams. Approximate ring size 6 – 6.5 (16 x 18 mm). Price: $12,000

Accompanied by a metal analysis report which indicates ring’s metal composition as 94.25% gold, 5.21% silver, 1.25 copper and 0.03% nickel.

The term Hellenistic refers to the period between the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC and the rise of the Roman Empire in 31 BC.

Hellenistic world included ancient Greece, Greek colonies and countries conquered by Alexander the Great which were directly influenced by the Greek art and culture.

Romanov Russia