JIZO BOSATSU,  Japan, 9th to 10th century, solid woodblock construction of aromatic wood with traces of gesso, lacquer and paint and gilding, 33 cm high © Carole Davenport


Shinto attendant figure, Kamakura period, circa 12th century. Wood with traces of lacquer and pigment. 33 cm high© Carole Davenport


Enmei-Kaja Noh Mask, 15th-16th century. Wood with gesso and pigment © Carole Davenport

Carole Davenport (New York, NY), THEN NOW / Meet Hiroyuki Asano & His Sculpture in a Milieu of Classic Art, 9-25 march 2017 at 5 East 82nd Street, Suite 2, New York 10028. M (646) 249 8500 - carole@caroledavenport.com - caroledavenport.com