Samurai armor bearing the crest of the Inaba family. Signed by Myochin Munesada and dated 1757 © Giuseppe Piva Japanese Art


Okina Sōmen, A full face russet iron samurai armor’s mask formed and decorated to resemble the face of an old man, Edo period, 18th century © Giuseppe Piva Japanese Art


Yutō, A large turned and assembled wood negoro ewer for hot water, Momoyama period, 16th century. Height: 36.8 cm © Giuseppe Piva Japanese Art


Mino Ware, Oribe Style. A green glazed stoneware Oribe footed square serving dish decorated with iron wash grape leaves and geometric patterns. Momoyama to Edo period, early 17th century, 20 x 18 cm © Giuseppe Piva Japanese Art

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