Yaozhou Peony Plate, Northern Song Dynasty, 960 – 1127 A

Yaozhou Peony Plate, Northern Song Dynasty, 960 – 1127 A.D. © Zetterquist Galleries

Diameter: 18.6cm

A saucer with broad cavetto and molded central ring, decorated with densely carved peony foliage. The entire piece is covered with a finely crackled translucent green glaze of excellent color and quality. The underfoot is unglazed revealing a pale grey clay body fired to a light buff color, and a central ring with a smattering of glaze, showing that the piece was fired on a cylindrical kiln support.

See a deeper bowl with similar pattern published in “Song through 21st Century Eyes, Yaozhou and Qingbai Ceramics” by Rose Kerr. Meijering Art Books, Netherlands, 2009. Fig. 3-50. Another is published in “Masterpieces of Yaozhou Ware”, Osaka Museum of Oriental Ceramics, 1997. pl. 91.

Provenance: Brow Collection

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