Polychrome Ty Ba Bottle, Lê Dynasty, 15th–16th c

Polychrome Ty Ba Bottle & Deep Bowl with Polychrome Decoration, Lê Dynasty, 15th–16th c. A.D., Vietnam © Zetterquist Galleries

Height: 30cm

A porcelaineous stoneware pear shaped bottle vase with long, flared neck and mouth-rim and splayed foot with beveled edge. The underfoot is glazed with a chocolate brown wash, and the foot rim is unglazed, revealing a buff stoneware body. The body is glazed with a finely crackled, translucent glaze with reddish burial staining. Over the glaze layer is a polychrome (red, green and yellow) enamel decoration of beautifully painted Ruyi lotus petals around the base with internal arabesques, above which is a narrow band of swirling wave-like abstracted dragons. The central body has delicately painted scrolling peonies under a wreath of palm fronds. The neck has a
band of scrolling lotus and diamond forms, and the trumpet mouth repeats the frond motif, this time elongated and facing upward. The interior of the mouth is further decorated with small intermittent ruyi designs. (Enamels re-touched.)

Height: 12.5cm

A steep-sided porcelaineous stoneware bowl sitting on a flattened foot rim, the shallow foot-well of which is glazed in a chocolate brown color. The interior and exterior are glazed in a finely crackled translucent glaze stained from burial. Over the glaze is a polychrome (red, green and yellow) decoration of scrolling lotus over a band of ruyi petals with interior arabesques. The band closest to the rim is a string of coin-shaped design. (The rim has minor chips and a small hairline crack. Enamels retouched.)

Provenance: Brow Collection of Vietnamese Ceramics

The Brows were long-time expats in Asia and collected this material over the course of 30 years. Their achievement is remarkable, not only for the thoroughness of their encyclopedic treatment of the field, but also for their artistic eye. Each of their pieces was chosen for condition, quality and beauty, and they stuck to this thesis throughout.

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