Hermès Limited Edition 35cm Matte So Black Alligator Birkin Bag with PVD Hardware. N Square, 2010, Pristine ConditionEstimate: $80,000 - $100,000

DALLAS, TX.- Continuing to prove that elusive and exquisite Hermès handbags are the hallmark for Heritage Auctions the April 4 Spring Luxury Accessories Signature Auction delivers with an incredible group of rare Hermès bags. 

Arguably Hermès's most divergent collection, the So Black handbag line took the astute house in a new, shadowy direction in 2010. They continue to fetch top tier prices on the secondary market, further pressing Jean Paul Gaultier's mark on the heritage of Hermès. Many collectors dream of possessing at least one of these elusive handbags. The Hermès Limited Edition 35cm Matte So Black Alligator Birkin Bag with PVD Hardware, (est. $80,000-100,000) reigns supreme from the elusive collection. The scales on this piece are of the finest quality, from the symmetry and rough edges indicative of alligator skins. A stark piece paired with black PVD hardware, this bag exudes mystery, elegance, and luxury; three qualities that are innate to the French house. 

An incredibly innovative piece, Hermès Limited Edition 35cm Rouge H Calf Box Leather Waffle Kelly Bag with Palladium Hardware, (est. $16,000-20,000) is highly collectible, done only in a limited edition in 2006. The Waffle Kelly is denoted by the stunning tactile pattern on the exterior. Created only in Rouge H and Black Calf Box Leather, this bag was expertly conceived for a particular look. Due to this exclusivity as well as the difficulty in creating this stunning texture, this bag remains one of Hermès's most elusive bags, popping up on the market only ever so often. 



Hermàs Limited Edition 35cm Rouge H Calf Box Leather Waffle Kelly Bag with Palladium Hardware
I Square, 2006, Pristine ConditionEstimate: $16,000 - $20,000. 

A rare handbag the Shogun, as the name suggests, Hermès Rouge Vif Calf Box & Blue Saphir Chevre Leather Shogun Shoulder Bag with Palladium Hardware, (est. $4,000-6,000) is a master work from Hermès and a true testament to the both traveled and studied nature of their artists and artisans they recruit. The Shogun inspires awe, and shows the endless possibilities that a hand bag can be, from inspiration to construction. Modeled after the armor of eponymous Japanese elite warrior-rulers, the historical Japanese influence of this bag translates exquisitely into the ridged, armored exterior replete with gold button details and a rigid shoulder strap that closely resembles the kuwagata (stag beetle) jaws indicative of the armor of the day. 


Hermes Rouge Vif Calf Box & Blue Saphir Chevre Leather Shogun Shoulder Bag with Palladium Hardware, X Circle, 1994. Excellent Condition. Estimate: $4,000 - $6,000. 

In addition to handbags the Spring Luxury Signature Auction will feature a variety of other lots that will capture the eye and imagination, a Chanel Diamond & 18K White Gold Secret Camellia Watch, (est. $30,000-40,000) which features Chanel's signature Camellia, the favorite flower of Mademoiselle Chanel, this watch is done in 18K white gold, replete with 178 brilliant cut diamonds totaling 4.15 carats and is in Pristine Condition. 


Chanel Diamond & 18K White Gold Secret Camellia Watch. Pristine Condition. Estimate: $30,000 - $40,000.

Two additional Chanel lots also offer fans unique opportunities. The first is perfect addition to the most memorable and elegant outdoor party has to be the Chanel Limited Edition Wicker Petanque Bocce Ball Set, (est. $4,000-6,000) or the Chanel Limited Edition Paris-Roma White Marbled Perspex Perfume Bottle Bag, (est. $4,000-6,000), as Chanel collectors will find two classics brought together in one rare design that features Chanel's 2015 Metier d'Art collection in Rome, and done in marbled white perspex acrylic, this Limited Edition bag is the shape of Chanel's iconic and classic No. 5 perfume bottle. Both are truly unique and imaginative pieces from Chanel.  

Other handbags that will surely draw much attention during the event include but are not limited to: 


Hermès 30cm Shiny Blue Abysse Nilo Crocodile Birkin Bag with Gold Hardware, N Square, 2010; Excellent conditionEstimate: $40,000 - $50,000. 


Hermès Shiny Colvert Porosus Crocodile Kelly Cut Clutch Bag with Gold Hardware, T, 2015. Pristine Condition. Estimate 24,000-28,000.


Hermes Limited Edition 18cm Shiny Bordeaux Alligator & Rouge H Lizard Marquette Constance Bag with Gold Hardware, T, 2015. Pristine Condition. Estimate: $22,000 - $24,000. 


Hermes 30cm Cobalt Ostrich Birkin Bag with Gold Hardware, X, 2016. Pristine Condition. Estimate: $22,000 - $26,000.


Hermes Shiny Braise Nilo Crocodile Kelly Pochette Bag with Palladium Hardware, L Square, 2008. Excellent Condition. Estimate: $22,000 - $26,000.


Hermes 25cm Matte Sanguine Nilo Crocodile Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware, P Square, 2012. Excellent Condition. Estimate: $30,000 - $35,000.