Bwami Mask,  Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lega, 19th century. Wood, Kaolin. Height 29.2 cm. Courtesy Tambaran Gallery

ProvenanceCollection Joseph Herman, Suffolk


 Sulka Headdress Helmet With Dog On TopNew Britain Island, South Pacific, 19th century. Wood with pigmentsCourtesy Tambaran Gallery 

ProvenanceEx Ithica State College Museum, New York


Dan Go Ge MaskIvory Coast, late 19 century. Wood and fiber. Height 20.3 cmCourtesy Tambaran Gallery

ProvenanceBarry Kitnick - Gallery 'K', Los Angeles, 1970; Saul & Marsha Stanoff, CA

LiteratureMary H Nooter, Secrecy: African Art that Conceals and Reveals, Munich 1993, cat. no. 68, p.149; Masks, Mysterious Forces, Tambaran Gallery, NY November 2009

ExhibitionNew York, the Museum for African Art, Secrecy: African Art that Conceals and Reveals, 1993 (for additional venues see Noother, 1993)


Wum Helmet MaskNorth West Cameroon, 19th century. Wood. Height 25.4 cmCourtesy Tambaran Gallery

ProvenancePrivate collection, France


Maori Male House Post Figure Poutokomanawa, Polynesia, New Zealand, early 19th century. Wood. Height 81.6 cmCourtesy Tambaran Gallery

ProvenancePatricia Without, London; ex Budapest Ethnographic Museum, Hungary, donated by Lazlo Vertes in 1891

LiteratureTibor Bodrogi, Die Kunst Ozeaniens, 1960, plate no. 137; Tibor Bodrogi, Stammeskunst, Budapest 1981, Vol 1, plate no. 47; Important Tribal Art from Africa, The Pacific and North America, New York 1988

ExhibitionArnold Herstand Gallery, New York, November - December 1988


Dogon standing Maternity figure, Tintam style, Mali, Tintam village. Hard wood (tested: 1485-1645 AD = 15/17ct)Courtesy Tambaran Gallery

ProvenancePrivate collection, New York; Dr. Wally Zollman, IN

LiteratureBryce Holcombe and Leon Siroto, African Spirit Images and Identities, New York 1976

ExhibitionPace Primitive and Ancient Art, April-May 1976