Lot 332. A magnificent Burmese 'pigeon blood' ruby, diamond and onyx 'Panthère' ring, mounted by Cartier. EstimateUSD 2,300,000 - USD 2,800,000© Christie’s Images Limited 2017.

Designed as a pavé-set diamond panther, set with onyx spots, nose and pear-shaped emerald eyes, the tail terminating with a cushion-cut ruby, weighing 10.63 carats, ring size 6 3/4, with French assay marks for platinum. Signed MT Cartier, no. 53AJE935

Accompanied by report no. CS 1083025 dated 24 March 2017 from the AGL American Gemological Laboratories stating that it is the opinion of the Laboratory that the origin of this ruby would be classified as Classic Burma (Myanmar), with no gemological evidence of heat or clarity enhancement. Further accompanied by an Appendix from the American Gemological Laboratories stating that this ruby 'has received the highest origin determination issued by the AGL: Classic Burma (Myanmar). Furthermore, it possesses a number of internal features that clearly indicates this stone was unearthed from the historic Burmese locality of the Mogok valley.' The Appendix also indicates that 'rubies of this color have been described as having a pigeon blood hue'.

Christie's. Magnificent Jewels, 26 April 2017, New York, Rockefeller Center