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Giuseppe Piamontini (Florence 1663 - 1744), Milo of Croton1740. Marble, 152 x 63 x 66 cmsTrinity Fine Art © 2017 London Art Week

ProvenanceMarchesi Gerini


Francesco Righetti (Rome 1749 -1819), Apollo and Daphne1791. Bronze, signed and dated RIGHETT. F. ROMAE. 1791. Height: 41 cms, on marble, porphyry and gilt bronze base, Height overall 66 cmsTrinity Fine Art © 2017 London Art Week

ProvenanceThe Lloyd Collection, Betterton House, Oxfordshire

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Giovanni Duprè (Siena 1817 - Florence 1882), The Temptation of Adam1853. Marble relief, 94 x 70 cmsTrinity Fine Art © 2017 London Art Week

ProvenanceMario Bianchi Bandinelli, Villa "Il Pavone", Siena Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli (archaeologist), Siena From 1950 Alessandro Santucci (writer), Milan Private collection, Milan

Trinity Fine Art was founded in 1984 and specialises in European Sculpture, Works of Art, Paintings and Drawings from 15th to the 20th century. Having held regular exhibitions, principally in London and New York, it has earned a reputation as a leading destination for exceptional works of art, many of which have been acquired by great private collections and major museums worldwide. Carlo Orsi, along with associates Walter Padovani and Jonathan Mennell and director Alexandra Toscano, welcomes you to our new gallery space at Old Bond Street.

Contact information: Alexandra Toscano - info@trinityfineart.com - +44 207 493 4916 - www.trinityfineart.com

Address of Exhibition: 15 Old Bond Street, London, W1S 4AX

London Art Week1-8 December 2017