“Golden Braid” earrings in 18K yellow gold set with 2 cushion-cut diamonds for a total weight of 4,03 carats and 130 brilliant-cut diamonds“Golden Braid” earrings in 18K yellow gold set with 2 cushion-cut diamonds for a total weight of 4,03 carats and 130 brilliant-cut diamonds

“Golden Braid” earrings in 18K yellow gold set with 2 cushion-cut diamonds for a total weight of 4,03 carats and 130 brilliant-cut diamonds

MONTE CARLO.- From 15th to 19th July, Artcurial will return to the Riviera. The unmissable event taking place on the ‘rock’ in the heart of the famous hotel Hermitage will be held on 17th, 18th and 19th July. Three sales, Jewellery, Watches and Hermès Summer Collection will gather the most exceptional pieces from the luxury world. 

This year, the auction house has invited the designer, Pierre Hardy to cast his eye upon the selection and choose his favourites amongst the remarkable pieces sought out from around the world by Artcurial specialists. Pierre Hardy uses emblematic creations, from the most prestigious brands to rare anonymous works. He brings them together in a dreamlike still life setting, creating a spontaneous artistic dialogue, imagining XXith century Vanités. Ten graphic creations will thus beautifully illustrate the auction catalogue. 

It was when I saw the objects at the beginning of the project all mixed up without any particular order or price hierarchy that the idea came to me to gather them and make up a story.” ---Pierre Hardy 

Collectors from around the world will come and battle during the three days of sales, under the gavel of François Tajan, auctioneer at Artcurial and Deputy Chairman at Artcurial SAM. A large number of Monegasque collectors will of course be present and also a demanding clientele from Asia, America, Russia and Europe. 

« It is an immense pleasure to bring Pierre Hardy with us to Monaco for this season. I hope the collectors will enjoy discovering his illustrations as much as we will! » --François Tajan, Deputy Chairman, Artcurial SAM 

For the second year running, Artcurial invites a French designer to take the reins of its Monaco auction. After Elie Top in 2016, it is now Pierre Hardy’s turn. Pierre Hardy is not only the famous shoe and leather designer for his eponymous brand; he is also the faithful director of creation for the shoe and jewellery departments at Hermès. He is a modern dandy and an expert of many things. Amongst the three auction catalogues (jewellery, watches, Hermès Summer Collection) he has selected rare and precious objects and presents them in a unique and beautifully poetic way.  

Luxury Jewellery lights up the Riviera 
18th July at 2.30pm and at 6pm 
19th July at 2.30pm
At this long awaited Monegasque event, the Artcurial jewellery department will offer 557 lots at auction, including Pierre Hardy’s selection for a global estimation of over 6M€ / 6,6 M$. 

All the big names from the place Vendôme (Boucheron, Graff, Van Cleef & Arpels...) will be represented with remarkable pieces appealing to serious collectors who will be kept on their toes. Highlights include this rare corsage clip by Van Cleef & Arpels featuring a ballerina decorated with diamonds, turquoise and rubies, estimated at 60 000 – 80 000 € / 67 103 – 89 511 $ (in January, Artcurial already sold a 1940s ballerina corsage clip for 130 000 € / 139 100 $, over 10 times its estimation.) An exceptional Cartier bracelet with two white gold and diamond dolphins is estimated at 130 000 – 150 000 € / 143 000 – 165 000 $. 


 Lot 542. A diamond, ruby, turquoise and 18k yellow gold 'Ballerina' clip, by Van Cleef & Arpels, circa 1940. Estimate 60 000 – 80 000 € / 67 103 – 89 511 $© Artcurial

En or jaune 18k (750) stylisé d'une danseuse tenant un éventail, la tête ornée d'un diamant taillé en rose, les cheveux, l'éventail et la robe finement ajourés sertis de rubis, de turquoises et de diamants taillés en brillant. Signé Van Cleef & Arpels N.Y. 6071. Haut.: 7.5 cm, Poids brut: 29.68 g.


 Lot 590. A diamond, tsavorite and 18k white gold 'Dolphins' bracelet, by Cartier, pièce unique. Estimate 130 000 – 150 000 € / 143 000 – 165 000 $© Artcurial

En or gris 18k (750) rigide ouvrant, entièrement sertis de diamants taillés en brillant, les yeux de tsavorites. Signé Cartier 774903. Tour de poignet: 15.3 cm, Poids brut: 83.94 g.

Collectors who are passionate about stones will greatly appreciate several lots of stunning gems like this exceptional Cartier ring Toi et Moi made of gold and platinum decorated with a diamond and rectangular emerald estimated at 45 000 – 50000 € / 49 500 – 55 000 $. 


Lot 577. An emerald, diamond, 18k yellow gold and platinum 'Toi et Moi' ring, setting by Cartier, circa 1930, accompanied by a GEM PARIS certificate stating that the emerald, origin Colombia, has minor impregnation with oil. Estimate 45 000 – 50000 € / 49 500 – 55 000 $© Artcurial

En or jaune 18k (750) et platine (950) ornée en serti clos d'un diamant et d'une émeraude rectangulaires partiellement épaulés et soulignés d'un pavage de diamants taillés à l'ancienne. Signée Monture Cartier P9988. Tour de doigt: 53, Poids brut: 11.83 g.

Accompagné d'un certificat du laboratoire GEM PARIS (2017) indiquant origine de Colombie, avec faible imprégnation d'huile.

Another stunning piece by Chaumet is a white gold necklace set with cut diamonds and cabochon sapphires which is estimated at 150 000 – 200 000 € / 165 000 – 220 000 $. It comes from the same place as the Rivière diamond necklace by Chaumet which is estimated between 300 000 –350 000 €. 




Lot 642. A sapphire, diamond and 18k white gold necklace, attributed to Chaumet, circa 1925, accompanied by a GEM PARIS certificate origin Ceylon, and no indication of treatment. Estimate 150 000 – 200 000 € / 165 000 – 220 000 $© Artcurial

En or gris 18k (750) formé de trois lignes souples de diamants taillés à l'ancienne en serti perlé, coupées de huit saphirs cabochons, chacun dans un encadrement elliptique également serti de diamants. Poinçon du joaillier Michel Ballada, ayant travaillé pour la maison Chaumet. Long.: 38.5 cm, Poids brut: 119.70 g. (Ce collier s'adaptait sur une monture de diadème qui manque).

Accompagné d'un certificat du laboratoire GEM PARIS (2017) indiquant origine de Ceylan, sans traitement thermique.


Lot 644. A diamond, silver and 18k yellow gold necklace, by Chaumet, mid of the XIXth century, accompanied by a report of the LFG certificate stating that two diamonds are Type IIa. Estimate 300 000 –350 000 €© Artcurial

En argent (>800) et or jaune 18k (750) orné d'une chute de 37 diamants coussins ou ovales taillés à l'ancienne, le fermoir orné de quatre diamants plus petits. Poinçon du joaillier. Long.: 38 cm, Poids brut: 64.12 g.

Accompagné d'une attestation du laboratoire du LFG (2017) indiquant que deux diamants sont de type IIa.

The 2017 Monegasque sale truly stands out. This year art deco jewels by Chaumet or Cartier will be put up for auction alongside vintage models like this extraordinary « Egyptian revival » by Van Cleef et Arpels. Amongst the gems, white diamonds and yellow fancy presented alongside rubies and emeralds including one cut ruby which is the most magnificent colour and truly stands out. Collectors must not miss the multi coloured fine pearl necklace and the large broach once belonging to Princess Esmeralda par Altenloh.” --Julie Valade. Director, Artcurial Jewellery department 


Lot 539. A diamond, coral, chrysoprase, lapis-lazuli, onyx and 18k yellow gold 'Egyptian revival' necklace and a pair of ear clips, by Van Cleef & Arpels, circa 1970Estimate 12 000 –15 000 €© Artcurial

En or jaune 18k (750) formés chacun d'un demi-jonc en chute, le premier, dans sa partie frontale appliqué de deux segments en chrysoprase encadrés de bandeaux sertis de diamants taillés en brillant et d'onyx, celui du centre plus important orné de deux oiseaux affrontés et stylisés sertis de corail rose, de lapis-lazuli, de chrysoprase et d'onyx, les seconds à décor de même inspiration. Signés Van Cleef & Arpels Made in France NY 4k882-3, poinçon du joaillier et VCA 3K655-6 NY. Tour de cou: 36 cm, Haut. des clips: 2.3 cm, Poids total brut: 101.96 g.


Lot 574. A multi coloured natural pearl, platinum and 18k white gold necklace, accompanied by a LFG certificate. Estimate 80 000 –85 000 €© Artcurial

De 71 perles fines multicolores en chute, le fermoir en platine (950) et or gris 18k (750) orné d'un diamant taillé en coussin en serti clos 
Dim. des perles: de 12.5 à 5.4 mm, Long.: 49 cm, Poids brut: 36.14 g. Accompagné d'un certificat du laboratoire LFG (2017).



Lot 567. A diamond, natural pearl, platinum and 18k yellow gold brooch, by Altenloh, end of the XIXth century, once belonging to Princess Esmeralda, accompanied by a LFG certificate. Estimate 25 000 –35 000 €© Artcurial

En platine (950) et or jaune 18k (750) formée d'un rameau mouvementé orné de diamants taillés à l'ancienne en serti perlé, retenant trois pampilles ornées de perles fines boutons de mer et d'eau douce en chute, entrecoupées de motifs feuillagés sertis de diamants taillés en rose. Dim. des perles: env. 5.5 - 11 mm. Dans son écrin de la maison E. et R. Altenloh. Haut.: env. 17 cm, Poids brut: 79.65 g. 

Accompagnées d'un certificat du laboratoire LFG (2017) 

Monegasque excellence 
17 July at 6pm
Artcurial’s watch department returns to Monaco on 17th July for an impressive sale made up of 270 lots boasting a global estimation of 2.5M € / 2,75 M$. The sale will travel across centuries from the 17th century to the 21st century and include watches by famous brands: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Omega, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet… The collection of 20 watches once belonging to the artist ARMAN is set to attract bidders. It includes a Beta 21 given to the artist by Yves Piaget for his 60th birthday and is engraved with a touching personal message. 

Amongst the 270 timepieces on offer, we will discover watch bracelets, pocket watches, engraved watches and miniature clocks. As well as the collections belonging to ARMAN and Georges Baptist, we will propose a beautiful set of female watches. Finally, three key pieces by Rolex will close the auction, including the delicate Stelline, ref. 6062, the sought-after Daytona "Panda", ref. 6263 and the mythical Jean-Claude Killy ref. 6036” -Marie Sanna-Legrand, Director Collector Watches, Artcurial.

Collectors will admire the magnificent Rolex Daytona « Panda », chronograph watch with steel bracelet, with its impressive estimation of 185 000 – 250 000 € / 210 000 – 280 500 $, is set to be the top lot of the sale. 






Lot 270. Rolex Daytona 'Panda', réf. 6263 / 6263, n° 2848507, vers 1971. Estimate 185 000 – 250 000 € / 210 000 – 280 500 $© Artcurial

Chronographe bracelet en acier. oîtier : rond, poussoir dit "mille righe", couronne et fond vissés, lunette bakélite graduée, signé. Cadran : blanc, 3 compteurs noirs pour l'indication des 30 min, des 12h et des secondes, chemin de fer avec graduation 1/5 de seconde, signé. Mouvement : mécanique cal. 727, 17 rubis ajustée 3 positions, signé. Bracelet / Boucle : "Oyster" acier, numéroté "7835/19-271" / déployante acier, numéroté "371" et signée. Diam. : 37 mm.

Stainless steel chronograph wristwatch with bakelite bezel. Stainless steel "Oyster" bracelet with deployant clasp signed.

Highlights from the female watches on sale include two ‘Serpenti’ watches by the Italian brand, Bulgari. The first is made up of an 18 karat yellow and white gold bracelet set with diamonds and estimated at 15 000 – 20 000 € / 16 500 – 22 000 $ ; the second made of yellow gold, enamel and diamonds is estimated at 35 000 – 45 000 € / 38 500 – 49 500 $. Another rare pearl from this feminine selection is a beautiful Cartier ‘Art-Déco’ white gold bracelet watch estimated at 8 000 – 12 000 € / 8 800 – 13 200 $.  


Lot 191. Bulgari. Serpenti, n° SP35SPG / L1716, vers 2015. Estimate 15 000 – 20 000 €© Artcurial

Montre bracelet de dame en or jaune et or blanc 18k (750) et diamants. Boîtier : stylisé, lunette sertie de diamants, fermeture à vis, couronne de remontoir sertie, signé. Cadran : noir, chiffres romains appliqués, index "bâton", signé. Mouvement : quartz, signé. Bracelet : Tubogas 2 ors, 6 rangs, signé. Dim. / Poids brut : 23 x 32 mm / 185,05 g. 
Avec : certificat d'authenticité, garantie, écrin et surboîte, mode d'emploi

18k yellow and white gold, enamel and diamond set quartz lady's wristwach. Tubogas bracelet. With certificate of authenticity, guarantee, presentation case and outer box, instructions for use.



 Lot 198. Bulgari. Serpenti, n° SPP26G VH851, vers 2015. Estimate 15 000 – 20 000 €© Artcurial

Montre bracelet de dame en or jaune 18k (750), émail et diamants. Boîtier : stylisé, lunette sertie de diamants, fermeture à vis, verre facetté, correcteur pour la mise à l'heure, signé. Cadran : blanc, index diamants, aiguilles en or, signé. Mouvement : quartz, signé. Bracelet : Tubogas "écailles", 3 rangs, or jaune 18k, émail et diamants, signé. Dim. / Poids brut : 16 x 26 mm / 131,35 g. 
Avec : certificat d'authenticité, garantie, écrin et surboîte, mode d'emploi.


Lot 230. Cartier. "Art Déco", n° 18558 / 03674 / 25765, Vers 1940Estimate 8 000 – 12 000 €© Artcurial

Montre bracelet de dame "Art Déco" en or blanc 18k (750). Boîtier : carré, couronne de remontoir sertie d'un rubis, attaches "boule" (à l'origine pour fixation sur bracelet cordon), fermeture à vis, numéroté. Cadran : blanc, chiffres romains, aiguilles de style Breguet, signé. Mouvement : mécanique, 18 rubis, signé "European Watch Clock and Co inc". Bracelet / Boucle : rapporté or blanc 18k / déployante or rose 18k, numérotée "12584". Dim. / Poids brut : 20 x 20 mm / 57,84 g. 

18 white gold manual winding lady's wristwatch. White gold bracelet added later, with rose gold deployant clasp 

Provenance : Collection particulière Européenne.

Rare skins and unique pieces by Hermès. 
19th July at 12pm
A key part of the Artcurial summer season, the Hermes Vintage section of the sale is particularly tied to Monaco this year as it will offer a unique piece : a Kelly bag decorated with a print of a portrait of Princesses Grace dating back to March 1954. This exceptional bag and unique object was given to the Princess Stephanie of Monaco during the exhibition « les années Grace Kelly » whick took place in July 2007 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco and is estimated at 80 000 – 120 000 € / 88 000 – 132 000 $. 




Lot 1055. Hermès. Sac KELLY 40, 2007. Veau Epsom bleu Jean. Sérigraphie sur toile d'un portrait photographique de Grace Kelly daté de mars 1954 (Copyrights Time Life Pictures / Getty Images / Laura Ronchi). Pièce unique. Estimate 80 000 – 120 000 €  / 88 000 – 132 000 $© Artcurial

Garniture métal argenté palladié. Signature manuscrite de la Princesse Stéphanie de Monaco. Plaque commémorative en cuir. 

Note: "Ce sac "Kelly" a été offert à S.A.S. La Princesse Stephanie de Monaco à l'occasion de la grande exposition "Les Années Grace Kelly" qui a eu lieu au Grimaldi Forum de Monaco en juillet 2007. Cette pièce unique, à l'effigie de La Princesse Grace, devait marquer l'événement qui fut mondialement répercuté. La technique d'impression sur toile Rhovyl classée M1, n'a fait l'objet que d'un seul tirage dans ce coloris assorti au cuir Epsom. L'intention de cette création était de prolonger dans les mémoires la beauté, la douceur et la classe d'une Princesse entrée de son vivant dans la légende. Hermès, dont elle fut une inconditionnelle, lui devait cet hommage et continue à honorer son souvenir." Leila Menchari, 10 avril 2008, Directrice le la décoration.

This Monaco event is the occasion to gather a selection of the most iconic Hermes pieces made from rare and exotic skins. The emblematic Kelly and Birkin bags will of course be the stars of the sale. Highlights include a classic Birkin made from Jaipur pink, Epsom calf skin estimated at 12 000 - 15 000 € / 13 520 – 16 500 $ ; more recent creations include a Bolide Shark bag made from indigo blue calf leather estimated at 10 000 – 15 000 € / 11 000 – 16 500. 


Lot 1003. Hermès. Sac Birkin 30, 2016. Veau Epsom rose Jaipur. Garniture métal plaqué orEstimate 12 000 - 15 000 € / 13 520 – 16 500 $© Artcurial



Lot 1055. Hermès. Édition limitée. Automne-hiver 2015/16, Sac Bolide Shark 45. Veau Togo bleu indigo. Garniture métal argenté palladié. Estimate 10 000 – 15 000 € / 11 000 – 16 500© Artcurial



Lot 1044. Hermès. Sac Kelly Picinic 35, 2011. Veau Barénia naturel, osier tressé. Piqué sellier blanc. Garniture métal argenté palladié. Estimate 10 000 – 15 000 € / 11 000 – 16 500© Artcurial

 For those who prefer smaller models, don’t miss the amethyst alligator Constance bag estimated at 18 000 - 28 000 € / 20 287 - 31 556 $. 


Lot 1037. Hermès. Sac Constance 24, 2012. Alligator Améthyste (Alligator mississippiensis) II/B. Garniture métal argenté palladié. Double poche. Estimate 8 000 - 28 000 € / 20 287 - 31 556 $. © Artcurial

“The Hermès Summer Collection 2017 is set to be a good year. Highlights include an array of flamboyant and summer Birkin and Kelly bags and also more recent collector models like the blue marine Bolide Shark made from young bull leather and the Kelly Picnic bag which is simply perfect for the Riviera. True fashionistas will go crazy over the marine crocodile mini Constance bag.” ---Pénélope Blanckaert, Director Hermès Vintage & Fashion Arts, Artcurial.