Attributed to the Princeton Painter, Attic Black-Figure Hydria depicting a Warrior's Departure, Circa 540-530 BC. Terracotta, 42 cm HAriadne Galleries © 2017 London Art Week

ProvenancePrivate Collection, Mme I. Péreire (1825-1910), Paris. with Jean Mikas, Paris, 1950s. Ophiuchus Collection, New York, 1982.


Near the Dokimasia Painter, Fragment of an Attic Red-Figure Vase, Circa 480-460 BC. Terracotta. Ariadne Galleries © 2017 London Art Week

ProvenancePrivate collection, Chicago.


Attributed to Sophilos, Fragment of an Attic Black-Figure Dinos, Circa 580-570 BC. Terracotta. 9.4 cm H. Ariadne Galleries © 2017 London Art Week

Provenance: Private collection, Chicago.

Published: J.M. Padgett, ed., The Centaur's Smile: The Human Animal in Early Greek Art, Exhibition Catalogue (2003), pp. 236-238, no. 53. M.B. Moore, 'Sophilos and Early Greek Narrative', Metropolitan Museum Journal 51 (2016), pp. 17-18, fig. 11. Exhibited: The Centaur's Smile: The Human Animal in Early Greek Art, Princeton University Art Museum, 11 October 2003-18 January 2004.

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