Hemmerle, Earrings2016Jade, diamonds, silver and white gold © Hemmerle


Hemmerle, Earrings2015. Sapphires, bronze and white gold © Hemmerle


Hemmerle, Earrings2016Peridots, demantoid garnets, silver and white gold © Hemmerle


Hemmerle, Ring2017. Diamond, iron and white gold © Hemmerle


Hemmerle, Ring, 2014. Diamond, bronze, brass and white gold © Hemmerle

In today’s world where craftsmanship, individuality and authenticity are increasingly rare, Hemmerle is one of the last pillars protecting a unique family heritage of superior craftsmanship. The tradition was established in the 19th century when the brothers Joseph and Anton Hemmerle were appointed by the Bavarian Court as purveyors of medals and ornaments. In 1904 Hemmerle opened its doors on the Maximilianstrasse offering traditional designed jewellery of exceptional quality. 1971 bore witness to the re-invention of the Hemmerle brand under the direction of Josephs grandson Stefan, a visionary with a sculptures eye. Today the house remains a fourth generation family business with Stefan at the helm his wife, Sylveli, his son Christian and daughter-in-law Yasmin by his side. The entire family is involved with each intricate design and is immersed in every detail to give a unique stamp of personality to every piece that leaves the Hemmerle atelier.

Hemmerle at TEFAF New York Fall 2017, Stand: 72. Primary Address: Maximilianstrasse 14, 80539 Munich, Germany. T  +49892422600 - info@hemmerle.com - www.hemmerle.com