Followers with the Fides, the personification of the faith, Germany, late 16th century. Gold, silver, enamel, 37 diamonds, 18 rubies, 1 emerald, 2 pearls. H 9,8 cm, W 6,7 cm. Green Vault, VIII 285 © Dresden State Art Collections.

The design of the jewelry pendant with the personification of the faith reveals the change of taste that occurred around 1600. The compact, cast gems with closed outline were gradually replaced by filigree shapes. Typical for the followers of this time is the openwork base plate, on which the jewelry motifs were fastened with the help of long pins. Projecting consoles, often studded with gemstones, became the stage on which to arrange individual figures, scenic representations or even monograms. Faith is here symbolized by a female laurel-crowned figure with a cross and a goblet, at whose feet a unicorn lies. This mythical creature stands for pure love in the Christian interpretation, but was also seen as a symbol of the incarnation of Christ.