Adriaen de Vries (about 1550-), sculptor, Herding satyr. Model around 1581/1585. Bronze, wood, painted; Saxon and Bohemian gemstones. H 23,8 cm; Base 16.5 x 12.3 cm. Green Vault, IX 14 © Dresden State Art Collections.

In the early years of his career (between 1581 and 1585) Adriaen de Vries worked in the workshop of Giambologna (see, among others, Inv. No. IX 94, IX 34). In this time, the sneaking satyr could have arisen. In 1586/87, a Satyr infusion was combined with Giambologna's group "Nymph and Satyr" (see Inv. No. IX 34). The satyr was a virtuoso movement study of the still young de Vries, who has processed motivic role models from the northern Italian bronze art. When the small bronze came to Dresden is unknown. Only in 1726 does it appear in the sculpture inventory.