Corinthian helmet. Bronze. Greece, Archaic period, 650 BC. H 36.8 cm. © ArtAncient

Corinthian helmets are the most striking and immediately recognisable of all ancient Greek helmets; emblematic of ancient Greece and its soldier-citizen, the Hoplite.

Provenance: Heiner collection, Bonn, Germany, prior to 1991; Antiken-Kabinett, Frankfurt (List-n° 0456) by 1991.


Gold stater with the portrait of Alexander, Macedonia, minted under King Lysimachos, circa 297-281 BC, Ø 1.86 cm© ArtAncient

Struck with the image of the deified Alexander the Great, shown wearing a diadem and with the horn of Ammon emerging from his wild hair.

Provenance: Swiss private collection.


New Kingdom Shabti. Wood. Egypt, 18th Dynasty, 1550-1295 BC. H 24 cm© ArtAncient

The only surviving shabti known for Iweferbaku. Finely modelled, with remnants of blue and gold gesso and Egyptian blue. A single frontal column of hieroglyphs reads, ’The Osiris, Keeper of the Chamber of Amun, Iweferbaku’

Provenance: collection of Mrs. J. Pearson, United Kingdom, acquired 1930s.

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