Joan Reixach (1431-1482), Mary Magdalene, circa 1455-1465, Spain, Valencia. Oil on wood panel, 97 x 59 cm© Galerie Bernat

Provenance: private collection, Stockholm

Exhibition: National Museum of Stockholm 'Fem Sekler Fransk Konst', 1958.


Juan de Borgoña and studio, Crucifixion with the Mass of Saint Gregory, circa 1530-1536, Toledo, first half of the 16th century. Oil on panel, 80 x 59 cm© Galerie Bernat

Provenance: private collection, Madrid.


Nazarene chest, 15th century, Spain, Granada. Built of wood with inlay decoration (fine wood and bone), 22 x 27 x 43.5 cm© Galerie Bernat

This piece has the folding cover and inlaid decoration which is typical of wooden chests made in Grenadian workshops at the beginning of the 14th century. Following the Christian conquest of Granada in 1492, Mudejar artisans enabled the studios to continue production.

Provenance: private collection, Madrid.

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