Unknown pharaonic bust, possibly of Hatshepsut, Egypt, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, circa 1479 - 1458 BC. Aswan pink granite. H 27 x W 36,5 cm© Axel Vervoord

Provenance: private collection, Switzerland; acquired on the Paris art market, 1960s

Exhibition: Middle Gate Geel '13, curated by Jan Hoet, September 28th - December 22d, 2013.


Unknown, Tragic theatre mask of a young woman, Western Europe, Roman Empire, early 1st century AD. Marble with calcification. H 31 cm© Axel Vervoord

Provenance: private collection, Switzerland, acquired in the 1970s


El Anatsui (Anyoko, 1944), Ghanian sculptor, Intimation, 2014. Aluminium and copper wire. Variable dimensions, circa 261 x 332 cm© Axel Vervoord

Exhibition: ‘El Anatsui-Theory of Se’, Axel Vervoordt Gallery, Hong Kong (13 May-12 August 2014) (inaugural exhibition of the new Hong Kong gallery)

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