Silver-gilt lidded tankard, Germany, 1640. H 15 x D 11 cm© Porfirius Kunstkammer

No silver marks. On the bottom the initials 'H G P' and (just visible) 'GW'. Base decorated with foliage and fruit garlands on a matt background. The main body bearing an embossed motif of cupids, foliage and fruit scrolls. Scrolled handle. Hinged lid decorated with foliage and fruit-shaped finial.

Provenance: private collection, France; Kugel, Paris


Pyxis, Limoges, circa 1225-1275. Gilt champlevé enamelled copper, set with glass cabochons. H 7.5 cm© Porfirius Kunstkammer

In the Christian tradition this religious object in the shape of a round drum with a hinged lid and a cross on top was used to house the consecrated host. 

Provenance: French art market


Urartu belt, Urartu Kingdom, Western Asia, circa 800-500 BC. Bronze, malachite and azurite accretion, 36 x 17 cm© Porfirius Kunstkammer

This section bears columns of incised motifs of winged sphinx-like humans, horses, lions and other creatures with double heads. 

Iron Age Kingdom in the Armenian highlands from the mid 9th century until the early 6th century BC 

Provenance: the collection of Mr. J. Bahamonde, United Kingdom

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