Ram's head amulet, Egypt, Nubia, 25th Dynasty, 722-655 BC. Gold and emerald. H 3.2 cm© Galerie Eberwein

A royal amulet representing a ram's head wearing a sun disk with Uraeus, probably made for a necklace worn by one of the Kushite kings. Representations show these pharaohs wearing a ram's-head amulet tied around the neck on a thick cord, the ends falling forward over the shoulders

Provenance: private collection, Germany, acquired circa 1958

Literature: E.R. Russmann, The Representation of the King in the XXVth Dynasty, Fondation Egyptologique Reine Élisabeth, Brussels, Brooklyn, 1974; this piece will be published in P. Lacovara and Y. Markowitz, Nubian gold, ancient jewelry from Sudan and Egypt, 2017.



Mummy mask, Egypt, Ptolemaic Period, 306-30 BC. Polychrome and gilt cartonnage (layers of linen with plaster). The expressive eyes are inlays of glass and obsidian. H 47.5 cm© Galerie Eberwein

Provenance: private collection, the Netherlands 1970; France, 1965.

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