Lot 3041. A white jade figure of Shoulao, Qing dynasty, 18th century; 16.5 cm., 6 1/2  in. Estimate 150,000 - 200,000 HKD. Lot sold 187,500 HKD. Photo: Sotheby's 2013.

the immortal portrayed standing with a gentle smile on his face framed by a finely incised beard, below arched brows and expressive wrinkles on his forehead, sporting a small cap on his characteristically bulging tonsured head and dressed in a plaited robe with ample sleeves, fastened at the waist with a broad sash and cascading in undulous folds over his pointed shoes, his right hand clutching a gnarled staff, now fitted with a coral finial, the left grasping knotted ribbons trailing in front of his robe, the greenish-white stone with a fine smooth polish.

Sotheby's. Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art. Hong Kong, 08 oct. 2013