Mask, A.D. 1469–1481, Mexica culture, Mexico, Tenochtitlan (Mexico City). Greenstone, obsidian inlays. H. 7 3/4 × W. 9 5/8 × D. 3 7/16 in., Approximately 240oz. (19.7 × 24.4 × 8.8 cm, 6804.65g), Museo del Templo Mayor, Secretaría de Cultura-INAH, Mexico City (10-168801).

The greenstone mask featuring obsidian pupils appears to have been made in Tenochtitlan by Mexica artists emulating the ancient style of masks from Teotihuacan, a long-abandoned site near the Mexica capital. Such works signal the Mexica reverence for greenstone and for antiquities from illustrious civilizations of the past.