17 mars 2018

A famille-verte 'Birthday' rouleau vase, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period (1662-1722)

A famille-verte 'Birthday' rouleau vase, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period (1662-1722)

Lot 377. A famille-verte 'Birthday' rouleau vase, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period (1662-1722). Height 17 5/8  in., 44.8 cm. Estimate 20,000 — 30,000 USDLot sold 35,000 USD. © Sotheby's

the cylindrical body supported surmounted by a columnar neck and galleried rim, the body finely painted in bright enamels with gilt details with a continuous scene showing the Tang dynasty general Guo Ziyi, seated on a tiger-skin throne before a draped table set with scholarly objects and colorful pennants and receiving a birthday gift from a dignitary, the dignitary in a green four-clawed dragon robe bowing reverently below, groups of soldiers, scholar-officials, and attendants observing the exchange, the shoulder with stylized shoucharacters in shaped cartouches alternating with ruyi heads all against a green wanzi-fret ground, the neck with a selection of the 'Hundred Antiques' and auspicious animals, the rim with a red and green diaper band, the base with a double circle in underglaze blue, coll. no. 1391.

The Jie Rui Tang Collection.

Provenance: Ralph M. Chait Galleries, New York, 2003.

NoteGeneral Guo Ziyu (697-781), also known as Prince Zhongwu of Fengyang, was the most distinguished general of the Tang dynasty. He was celebrated for quelling the An Lushan Rebellion (755-763) and for is contributions to expeditions against the Uighurs and Tibetans. His remarkable military victories earned him fame and wealth, and he is often depicted in banquets amidst myriad troops, tribute bearers, and descendants. Here, he is shown enjoying a birthday celebration. The General's inlaid long sword symbolically positioned at the center of the pennants, which represent the task he has relayed to officers. To emphasize the birthday theme, the vase is festooned with emblems of longevity and blessings, including shou characters at Guo Ziyi's table and around the shoulder, as well as cranes, ruyi heads, and wanzi at the shoulder and neck. The subject matter and iconography indicate that the vase was designed as a birthday gift, wishing the recipient success, longevity, and good fortune.

Similar examples include a rouleau vase in the Palace Museum, Beijing illustrated in The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum, Porcelains in Polychrome and Contrasting Colours, Hong Kong, 1999, pl. 69., and one sold in our Hong Kong rooms, 2nd May 2005, lot 607.

A famille-verte rouleau vase, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period (1662-1722)

famille-verte rouleau vase, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period (1662-1722). Sold for 600,000 HKD at Sotheby's Hong Kong, 2nd May 2005, lot 607. Photo: Sotheby's. 

Sotheby's. KANGXI: The Jie Rui Tang Collection, New York, 20 March 2018, 11:00 AM

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