A carved lobed Dingyao 'Lotus' dish, Northern Song dynasty (960-1127)

Lot 3092. A carved lobed Dingyao 'Lotus' dish, Northern Song dynasty (960-1127); 21.2 cm, 8 1/4  in. Estimate 600,000 — 800,000 HKD (76,740 - 102,320 USD). © Sotheby's 2018

with shallow flaring sides rising from a short foot to a rim subtly divided into six lobes, the interior freely carved with a daylily bloom borne on an undulating stem bearing slender curling leaves, applied with a clear ivory-tinged glaze showcasing the white body, the rim mounted with a metal band.

Note: 'Ding’ wares made in Quyang, Hebei province ranks among the Five Great Wares of the Song dynasty (960-1279) and are one of the most famous types of Chinese ceramics. This dish features a most representative and elegant form of ‘Ding’ wares.

A lobed dish of similar size and decoration, formerly in the collections of Frederick T. Fuller and Roger Pilkington (1928-1969), was sold at Christie’s London, 28th/29th June 1965, lot 277 and again in these rooms, 6th April 2016, lot 1. See also a related dish with plain rim was sold at Christie’s London, 8th December 1986, lot 232, and again in our New York rooms, 23rd March 2011, lot 513, as part of a private collection of Song ceramics. A dish of similar form without decoration, from the J.T. Tai collection, was sold in our New York rooms, 22nd March 2011, lot 294. Two other undecorated ‘Ding’ dishes of similar form excavated from the clan cemetery of the famous Northern Song connoisseur and scholar Lu Dalin (1038-1093) were exhibited at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology, Peking University, 2013, see Yishi tong diao [A tone through ages, Fine relics unearthed from the cemetery of the Lu Clan in Lantian, Shaanxi province], Beijing, 2013, cat. nos 30-31.

Sotheby's. Curiosity IV. Hong Kong, 02 Apr 2018, 10:30 AM