12 mai 2018

Francesco Guardi (1712 Venice - 1793 Venice), Capriccio con arco rovinato e mura di paese



Lot 1108. Francesco Guardi (1712 Venice - 1793 Venice), Capriccio con arco rovinato e mura di paese. Oil on canvas (relined). 37.5 x 27.5 cm. Estimate: € 180,000 - € 200,000. © Lempertz

Provenance: Schaeffer Galleries, New York. - Private collection Switzerland. - Gallery Fischer Auktionen, Lucerne 11.11.1994, Lot 2047. - German private collection.

ExhibitedMostra dei Guardi, Palazzo Grassi, Venice 5.6.-10.10.1965, no. 131.

Literature: Mostra dei Guardi, Exhibition Catalog, Palazzo Grassi, Venice 1965, p. 252, no. 131 (fig.). - R. Pallucchini: Note sulla Mostra dei Guardi, in: Arte Veneta, 1965, p. 234. - L. Ragghianti-Collobi: Disegni di F. Guardi nella collezione Horne a Firenze, in: Problemi guardeschi, Venice, 1967, p 185, Tf. 139. - A. Morassi: Guardi. L'opera complete di Antonio e Francesco Guardi, Venice 1973, p. 279 and 487, cat. No. 956, fig. No. 845. - L. Rossi Bortollato: Francesco Guardi. L'opera completa, 1974, No. 470, pp. 116-117. - D. Succi: Francesco Guardi. Intinéraire d'une aventure artistique, 1995, fig.151.

NoteIn addition to Antonio Canal, gen. Canaletto, Francesco Guardi has shaped our idea of ​​Venice: topographically precise and narrative one, impressionist and visionary the other. Unlike other lagoon city veduta painters, Guardi's artistic interest lies solely in the visual appearance and magic of this unique place. A few years after the creation of our painting, which dates back to 1770, Napoleon had conquered the once proud sea republic. With him and the last great artist of the city, Antonio Canova, another, strict style prevailed, which broke radically with the century-old art tradition of the city.

While Guardi's Venetian painter colleagues adorned the churches and palaces of the ancien regime from Madrid to London and from Dresden to Vienna, he never left his hometown and produced works for the market as a freelance artist. He has not experienced his fame as one of the great masters of the city.

A large part of his painterly production, especially of the later years, consists of so-called "Capricci". These are pictorial compositions of real and imaginary buildings and landscapes that conjure up the light and the colors, the ruinous buildings and the cheerful people. The charm of these works lies in the lively play of light and shadow and the rapid, virtuoso brushstroke. There are several variations of our composition that Morassi carefully listed. He describes our work as "opera brillante e spirituosa" and dates it 1770/1775.

Lempertz. Auction 1108, Alte Kunst, 16.05.2018, 11:00, Cologne.

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