10 juin 2018

Bouddha assis, Début de la dynastie Ming






Lot 188. Bouddha assis, Début de la dynastie Ming, encre, couleurs et or sur soie, montée en rouleau, deux boîtes couvertes en bois; 100 x 58,6 cm, 39 3/8  by 23 1/8  in. Estimation: 50,000 — 80,000 EUR. Courtesy Sotheby's.

Ancienne Collection de Willem van Heusden (1913-2009).

Anonymous, Seated Buddha, ink, colour and gold on silk, hanging scroll, Early Ming dynasty

Provenance: Acquired by Willem van Heusden in Japan before 1955 (according to his wife).

Note'There is a document in the box signed by a monk with the name of Niosan who appears to have been an administrator of the Ryu-un Ji, a famous temple in sanshu Fushimi, Kyoto. The document states that the painting with the above description and ascription was presented to the temple in 1747 by a certain ... it also states that the painting dates from the T'ang dynasty, thereby confirming its Chinese origin. It is notoriously difficult to date Chinese paintings an to be on the safe side, I have dated this one Early Ming but in my heart I feel certain that it is much older, possibly indeed T'ang.'

Quote Willem van Heusden in his notes accompanying the painting.




Sotheby's. Arts d'Asie, Paris, 12 juin 2018, 11:30 AM


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