Lot 51. Anglo-Dutch School, late 16th-early 17th Century, Portrait of Sir Francis Drake (circa 1540-1596), three-quarter-length, in half-armour, blackened and gilded, ornately decorated with depictions of trophies of arms, holding a baton in his right hand and a rapier in his left, standing beside a plumed helmet on a table draped with a green cloth, oil on canvas, 104.6 x 79.7cm (41 3/16 x 31 3/8in). Estimate £ 300,000-500,000 (€ 340,000 - 570,000)Photo: Bonhams.

LONDON.- A portrait of Sir Francis Drake (circa 1540-1596), the great Elizabethan seafarer, is among leading works at Bonhams Old Masters Sale in London on Wednesday 4 July. It is estimated at £300,000-500,000. 

The extremely rare work, by an unknown artist from the Anglo-Dutch School, was authenticated by the wart on Sir Francis Drake’s nose. Experts said that genuine portraits include the wart, while others do not. The portrait has recently been on exhibition at Buckland Abbey, Drake's former home and now a National Trust property. It shows Drake in expensive half armour; a man of grandeur, social standing and strength. The portrait is believed possibly to date from the mid-1570s, when Drake’s social drive had made him a wealthy man and just before his famous triumph – as captain of the naval defence against the Spanish Armada in 1588 - that cemented his reputation in British history. 

Other highlights in the sale include: 


Lot 38. George Stubbs ARA (Liverpool 1724-1806 London), Men loading sheaves of corn onto a cart, with two young girls gleaning, signed and dated 'Geo: Stubbs pinxit/1785' (lower right), oil on millboard, 67.8 x 97.7cm (26 11/16 x 38 7/16in)Estimate £ 350,000 - 450,000 (€ 400,000 - 510,000)Photo: Bonhams.

Painted in the early 1780s, the work encapsulates Stubbs lyrical realism. It depicts labourers loading hay onto a cart, with two young girls gleaning the leftover corn. The work is one of only four oil paintings he made on a similar theme; two of which - Reapers and Haymakers - are among the most popular of Tate Britain’s many masterpieces. In many ways this image anticipates a bucolic perception of rural England that Constable later made part of the nation's identity. Estimated at £350,000-450,000. 



Lot 93. Giuseppe Zocchi (Florence 1711-1767), The Flaying of Marsyas; and The Judgment of Midas; a pair, oil on canvas, 59.2 x 47cm (23 5/16 x 18 1/2in). (2). Estimate £ 100,000 - 150,000 (€ 110,000 - 170,000)Photo: Bonhams.

This fine pair of paintings is an important addition to Zocchi’s oeuvre of the late 1740s-50s showcasing his distinctive silvery palette. Estimated at £100,000-150,000.


Lot 111. Lavinia Fontana (Bologna 1552-1614 Rome), Portrait of Gerardo Giavarini, three-quarter-length, standing in an interior beside a table covered with a carpet on which rests a knight's helmet with his right hand showing a chiaroscuro monochrome drawing depicting Venus and Cupid, inscribed 'AETATIS SUAE ANNORUM XXV' (on edge of table, lower left) and bears inscription and date 'GERARDO GIAVARI/ NI CAVALLIERE/ CONTE PALATINO/ E PAGGIO DI PAPA/ CLEMENTE VIII/ MENTRE DIMORO/ IN BOLOGNA L'ANNO/ 1598' (upper right), oil on canvas, 130 x 103.5cm (51 3/16 x 40 3/4in). Estimate £ 80,000 - 120,000 (€ 91,000 - 140,000)Photo: Bonhams.

Much praised in her lifetime, Fontana is now regarded as the first woman to achieve financial and critical success as a painter in Counter-Reformation Italy. The work depicts Gerardo Giavarini showing a drawing with an amorous subject indicating that this painting was dedicated to his betrothed. Estimated £80,000-120,000. 


Lot 26. From the property of the Duke of Leinster, Maynooth Castle. Arthur Devis (Preston 1712-1787 Brighton), James, 20th Earl of Kildare and his wife Emily Mary in the grounds of Carton, seated at a table in the garden, she holding plans for a new bridge, signed and dated 'Art: Devis fe. 1753' (lower centre), oil on canvas, 63.4 x 76.6cm (24 15/16 x 30 3/16in). Estimate £ 80,000 - 120,000 (€ 91,000 - 140,000)Photo: Bonhams.

The work conceived in 1753 shows the future 1st Duke of Leinster and his wife seated in the grounds of Carton – a garden said to have become the model on which all Irish gardens were later styled. His wife, Emily, holds in her hand designs for a new bridge. The work is estimated at £80,000-120,000. This painting is one of five important works being sold by the Duke of Leinster, including portraits of the Duchesses of Leinster respectively by Sir Joshua Reynolds (estimate £60-80,000) and Hugh Douglas Hamilton (estimate £40-60,000) and a pair of views of the Dukes’ former seat Maynooth Castle by the 18th Century Irish artist, William Ashford (estimate £80-120,000). 


Lot 23. From the property of the Duke of Leinster, Maynooth Castle. Hugh Douglas Hamilton (Dublin 1740-1808), Portrait of Emilia Olivia, Duchess of Leinster, signed 'H.Hamilton Pinx' (lower left), pastel on paper, 82 x 64.2cm (32 5/16 x 25 1/4in). Estimate £ 40,000 - 60,000 (€ 45,000 - 68,000)Photo: Bonhams.


Lot 24. From the property of the Duke of Leinster, Maynooth Castle. Sir Joshua Reynolds P.R.A. (Plympton 1723-1792 London), Portrait of Emily Mary, Duchess of Leinster, bust-length, in a pink dress and ermine shawl, within a painted oval, oil on canvas, 86.2 x 62.6cm (33 15/16 x 24 5/8in). Estimate £ 60,000 - 80,000 (€ 68,000 - 91,000)Photo: Bonhams.



Lot 25. From the property of the Duke of Leinster, Maynooth Castle. William Ashford P.R.H.A. (Birmingham 1746-1824 Dublin), Views of Maynooth Castle, the former signed and dated 'W. Ashford/1779' (lower left); and the latter signed and dated 'W. Ashford/1780' (lower left); a pair, oil on canvas, 61.1 x 83.1cm (24 1/16 x 32 11/16in). (2). Estimate £ 60,000 - 80,000 (€ 68,000 - 91,000)Photo: Bonhams.


Lot 62. Workshop of Jan Brueghel the Younger (Antwerp 1601-1678), An extensive bouquet of mixed spring and summer flowers in a wooden tub beside a squirrel, oil on panel, 106.2 x 75.6cm (41 13/16 x 29 3/4in). Estimate £ 70,000 - 100,000 (€ 79,000 - 110,000)Photo: Bonhams.

This unusually large and sumptuous oil on panel, estimated at £70,000-100,000, is one of only three known versions. While all the works depict the extensive bouquet, the size along with the incorporation of the squirrel in the lower left sets this piece apart. 

Head of Bonhams Old Masters, Andrew McKenzie, said “In this strong sale, we are very pleased to offer one of only four oil paintings produced by George Stubbs around the theme of Harvesting, a subject that remains among the most celebrated images of Stubbs’s output and indeed of the entire canon of great British art."