A Wucai Transitional jar and cover, 17th Century

Lot 588. A Wucai Transitional jar and cover, 17th Century. Height with cover 40 cm. Estimate 3 849 € / 4 812 €© Bukowskis

This baluster shape, heavily decorated, in a combination of vivid under glaze cobalt blue and over glaze enamels of green, iron-red, yellow and aubergine - with a design that covers the whole of the globular body. The short straight neck – with a rounded lip – is painted in a frieze of alternating plantain leaves in enamels of blue, red and green. The jar has a flat unglazed base. The shoulder has a “cracked-ice” border. The design to the body is of four highly stylised blue peaks emerging from a sea of green-crested waves and red foam, amongst which are four galloping horses - two in yellow and two in aubergine. Under each horse there are examples of the “Eight Buddhist Emblems”, whilst the shoulder offers examples of the “Eight Precious Objects”. The domed flared cover is again decorated in a repetition of the body – with auspicious symbols with an onion-shaped knob. 

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