14 décembre 2018

A large polychrome wood figure of Guanyin, circa 17th century



Lot 176. A large polychrome wood figure of Guanyin, circa 17th century. Hauteur: 115 cm. (45 ¼ in.). Estimate EUR 60,000 - EUR 80,000. Price realised EUR 75,000. © Christie’s Images Limited 2018.

Il est élégamment assis en rajalilasana, la main droite posée sur son genou droit plié. Il est vêtu d'un fin dhoti, une écharpe posée sur ses épaules laissant son torse dénudé paré d'un précieux collier. Son visage aux yeux mi-clos est empreint de sérénité et surmonté d'un haut chignon ; restaurations; socle.

ProvenancePrivate European collection, acquired in Asia in the 1980s.

NoteThe iconography is based on the Gandavyuha chapter of the Buddhist Avatamasakasutra where Avalokiteshvara or Guanyin resided on Mount Potalaka where the young pilgrim Sudhana visited him. He found Guanyin seated on the rocky shores of the grotto 'Sound of the Waves' contemplating the reflection of the moon in the water. In due course this specific form of Guanyin became better known as water-moon Guanyin.

A radiocarbon test (CEDAD: 2017_0158) by the University of Salento presented on 5 September 2017 is available on request and it attests the dating of the sculpture most probably between 1466 and 1665. 

Christie’s. Art d'Asie, Paris, 12 December 2018

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