Lot 9. A Baroque vermeil tankard with engraved coat of arms, Hamburg, middle of 17th century. Maker's mark of Heinrich Ohmsen. H. 21,5 cm. Estimate 8000 EUR. Courtesy Nagel

Silver, cast, chased, engraved and gilt. Double coat of arms with monogram "IDHEK" and slogan "Gottes Reiche Segen Hand/ Bindet Treuer Freunde Band". One coat of arms of the Kniphof family. C. 772 g. Min. restoration to lid, minor wear.  

ProvenanceNorth German Collection, with Neuse Antiquitäten/Bremen. Lit. Schliemann, Hamburger Goldschmiede, no. 181/3.

Nagel. Sale 770, 27th February 2019