A rare huanghuali 'imitation bamboo' square table with 'giant's arm' braces, 17th-18th Century

Lot 317. A rare huanghuali 'imitation bamboo' square table with 'giant's arm' braces, 17th-18th Century; 32 1/2 by 39 by 39 in., 82.5 by 99 by 99 cm. Estimate 25,000 — 35,000 USD. Lot sold 114,000 USD. Photo: Sotheby's.

with large floating-panel top set on a frame with four corner legs of circular section set on low apron and supporting stretchers all carved to imitate lengths of bamboo, with naturalistic nodes overall, the legs particularly well carved with nodes of increasing heights from the feet to imitate the natural growth of the plant, accented with reticulated curved spandrels pierced with sprays of bamboo leaves, all secured by four sinuous 'giant's arm' braces running from each corner to two transverse braces on the underside of the table, the projecting outer edge of the table finely finished as four lateral strips of bamboo of ever increasing size.

Note: Particular attention has been paid to the form of the 'bamboo' legs, which have been naturalistically portrayed with the nodes increasing in size as they rise up to the table top.  For a further discussion of 'bamboo' furniture in hardwood forms, see Ronald Longsdorf, 'Chinese Bamboo Furniture', Orientations, January 1994, pp. 76-83.

Sotheby's. Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, including Property from the Collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York, 19-20 march 2007