An Yixing prunus tree trunk-form teapot and cover, Wang Yinxian (China, 1943-2018)



Lot 825. An Yixing prunus tree trunk-form teapot and cover, Wang Yinxian (China, 1943-2018); 5 ¾ in. (14.6 cm.) high. Estimate: USD 60,000 - USD 80,000. © Christie's Images Ltd 2019.

Modeled as the gnarled trunk of a prunus tree, with a blossoming branch-form handle, and other small, blossoming branches on the sides, with one seal, Yinxian, beneath the handle, the base and the bottom of the interior each with a square seal, Wang Yinxian zhi(Made by Wang Yinxian)the interior of the cover with one oval seal, Yinxian, one square seal, Wangyang and one circular seal, Yinxian.

ProvenanceThe Irving Collection, no. 57Y.

NoteWang Yinxian (1943-2018), a native of Yixing, Jiangsu province, was a preeminent female Yixing pottery artist. She specialized in tea pots in various styles, including plain shapes, those of gourd form, and others of more complex forms, such as the present example, which showcases her extraordinary skills. 

A very similar prunus trunk-form teapot made by Wang Yinxian in 1990 was published in Selected Works of Contemporary Yixing Potters, Hong Kong, 1994, no. 3.

Christie's. Lacquer, Jade, Bronze, Ink: The Irving Collection Evening Sale, New York, 20 March 2019