Lot 661. Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), Lily, Begonia, Cherry, and FigureA set of four paintings, ink and color on paper, 15 1/2 x 21in (39.2 x 53.5cm) each. Estimate US$ 40,000 - 60,000 (€ 35,000 - 53,000)© Bonhams 2001-2019

(1) the lily and butterfly with rock signed Daqian jushi Yuan Dafengtang xia xie, with two seals of the artist, Zhang Yuan and Daqian
(2) the begonia signed Daqian jushi Yuan, with one seal of the artist Zhang Yuan Daqian fu;
(3) the cherry inscribed and signed Daqian jushi xieyu Dafengtang xia, followed by two seals, Zhang Yuan zhi yinxin and Daqian jushi;
(4) the scholars outing on a boat signed Daqian jushi Yuan, with two seals, Zhang Yuan zhi yinxin and Daqian jushi 

Bonhams. Chinese Works of Art, New York, 18 March 2019