A blue and white quadrangular 'Four Seasons' vase, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Period (1662-1722)



A blue and white quadrangular 'Four Seasons' vase, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Period (1662-1722)

Lot 342. A blue and white quadrangular 'Four Seasons' vase, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Period (1662-1722). Height 21 1/2 in., 54.6 cm. Estimate: US$30,000 - US$50,000Courtesy Sotheby's.

the tall slightly tapering body of square section, boldly painted in vivid tones of cobalt blue, each side with a rectangular panel enclosing a different flowering plant; one with chrysanthemum emerging from rockwork, another with a blossoming camellia tree with a pair of flycatchers, the third panel with flowering peony with two small birds, and the fourth with lotus blooms borne on leafy stems, the rounded shoulders with floral sprays at each corner, the waisted cylindrical neck with bamboo reeds, the base unglazed and a foliate motif in underglaze blue within a recessed square, coll. no. 1600.

ProvenanceAlice Boney, New York.
Collection of John Fong.

Note: The combination of the four flowers represent the four seasons: the peony, spring; the lotus, summer; the chrysanthemum, autumn; the camellia is associated with winter and the presence of the flycatcher birds creates a pun rebus chunguang changshou relating a wish for eternal youth and longevity. 

A vase of the same form and subject matter but with copper red and bearing a Kangxi reign mark, is in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, acc. no. 13.1557. The Victoria & Albert Museum, London has two similar vases, one with a Chenghua mark on the base, acc. no. 763-1883; the other with the addition of copper red and a Kangxi reign mark from the Salting Collection, acc. no. C.991-1910. 


Four-sided vase with blue-and-white and underglaze red decoration of flowers of the four seasons and birds, Qing dynasty, Kangxi mark and period (1662–1722). Porcelain, Jingdezhen ware. H. .565 D. .216. Julia Bradford Huntington James Fund and Gift of Mrs. Frank Gair Macomber, 13.1557. © 2019 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


Vase, porcelain painted in underglaze blue with flowers and bamboo, China, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period (with Chenghua mark). Height: 52.1 cm, Width: 15.2 cm. 763-1883. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


Vase, porcelain with underglaze painted decoration, China, Qing dynasty, Kangxi mark and period (1662-1722). Height: 49.5 cm, Diameter: 21 cm. Salting Bequest, C.991-1910. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. 

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