Bas Meeuws (NL, 1974), Untitled #151, 2019. Galerie Wilms. © Bas Meeuws

ROTTERDAM.- Haute Photographie returns to Rotterdam for the fifth time with a focus on the diversity of the photographic landscape. To keep the concept of the ‘boutique fair’ alive, the list of participating galleries is once again select and varied. The selection includes some of the best galleries in the Netherlands as well as international institutions ranging from New York to Madrid and from Paris to Zürich. Like in previous years, vintage photography has its own sections as well.

Rotterdam’s boutique photography fair returns during Art Rotterdam Week, the biggest art event of the Netherlands, to create new experiences for art collectors and photography enthusiasts alike. Haute Photographie will take place from 6 to 9 February 2020 at LP2 in Rotterdam. Haute is delighted to announce the 50 participating artists, as well as this year’s six Haute Talents and the high-quality book market.


Suzanne Jongmans (NL, 1978), Kindred Spirits - The Receptive Mode, 2019. Galerie Wilms. © Suzanne Jongmans

Haute Photography 2020 Campaign Artist
This year’s campaign image is an artwork by Bastiaan Woudt (NL, 1987). As a self-taught photographer, studying the history of photography by devouring books and visiting exhibitions, Bastiaan Woudt quickly developed a signature style. His preference for classic subjects and styles ranging from surrealism to the 1960s is visible in the portraits he shoots in his own studio. During his career, he made several trips abroad, including Marokko and Uganda. A selection of Woudt’s new work will be shown at the fair.


Bastiaan Woudt (NL, 1987), Circle, 2019. Kahmann Gallery© Bastiaan Woudt

Participating Artists
Haute Photographie is proud to announce the list of participating artists from around the world. Premiering works include works from the series ‘Birds of NYC’ by Pieter Henket (NL, 1979) and ‘Caminantes’ by Lorenzo Vitturi (IT, 1980).


Pieter Henket (NL, 1979), Untitled. From the series 'NYC Kids', 2019. Kahmann Gallery© Pieter Henket


Lorenzo Vitturi (IT, 1980),Wooden Stools and Yellow Praying Mat, 2017Kahmann Gallery© Lorenzo Vitturi

Other notable artists that will be showing work at Haute Photographie for the first time include Roger Ballen (US, 1950, represented by Camara Oscura Galeria de Arte), Kevin Osepa (CW, 1994, represented by Kahmann Gallery), Paul Blanca (US, 1958, special guest exhibition), Kumi Oguro (JP, 1972, represented by IBASHO Gallery), Satijn Panyigay (NL, 1988, represented by Galerie Wilms), Denis Rouvre (FR, 1967, represented by Project 2.0 Gallery) and Jungjin Lee (ZK, 1961, represented by Galerie Stephan Witschi).


Roger Ballen (US, 1950), Study of Boy and Plant, ''Outland'' series, 1999. Camara Oscura Galeria de Arte. © Roger Ballen


Kevin Osepa (CW, 1994), Blou Blous. Kahmann Gallery. © Kevin Osepa


Paul Blanca (US, 1958), Untitled© Paul Blanca

5 Kumi Oguro, Japan, Shortlist, Professional, Staged, 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

Kumi Oguro (JP, 1972), Island, 2015. IBASHO Gallery. © Kumi Oguro


Satijn Panyigay (NL, 1988), Afterglow, 2019. Galerie Wilms. © Satijn Panyigay


Denis Rouvre (FR, 1967), LAMB # 15. Project 2.0 Gallery. © Denis Rouvre

Focus Exhibitions
Alongside Haute’s main exhibition, Focus Exhibitions will offer a more in-depth look at the past and future of photography. The Vintage Section will present vintage artworks from the collections of Howard Greenberg Gallery (US), bringing together extraordinary names from the history of photography.

148280-1505492628-Arthur Leipzig

Arthur Leipzig (1918 - 2014, United States), Chalk Games, New York City, 1950. Howard Greenberg Gallery© Arthur Leipzig


Joel Meyerowitz (1938, United States), Los Angeles Airport, California, 1976, 1976. Howard Greenberg Gallery© Joel Meyerowitz

 The most intriguing fresh photography talents who have recently graduated at Dutch academies will get a platform at the Haute Talent exhibition, powered by the annual GUP New Photography Talent. This year’s Talents are Lotte Ekkel (NL, 1988), Victoire Eouzan (FR, 1992), Joep Hijwegen (NL, 1994), David Hummelen (NL, 1986), Sara Punt (NL, 1994), Ana Zibelnik (SI, 1995).


Lotte Ekkel (NL, 1988), Untitled, 2019© Lotte Ekkel


Victoire Eouzan (FR, 1992), Aiguille Midi, 2019© Victoire Eouzan


Joep Hijwegen (NL, 1994), Untitled, 2019. © Joep Hijwegen


David Hummelen (NL, 1986), Untitled, 2019. © David Hummelen


Sara Punt (NL, 1994), Untitled, 2019. © Sara Punt


Ana Zibelnik (SI, 1995), Hanging Man, 2019. © Ana Zibelnik

Haute Magazine
Additionally, Haute Magazine returns to offer in-depth articles and visual inspiration leading up to the fair: the fourth edition of Haute Magazine was launched at Paris Photo in November 2019.