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Hippopotamus, Egypt, Middle Kingdom, 2050-1780 BC. Indurated limestone (probably from near Esna), 2.7 x 5.8 cm. © Galerie Eberwein.

Provenance: private collection, Germany, acquired between 1954 and 1959 in Egypt.


Shabti for Nesy-Khonsu, Supreme Chief of the Harem of Amen, Egypt, third Intermediate period, XXIst Dynasty, 1st Cachette Deir el-Bahari, circa 1069-945 BC. Bright blue faience with black details and inscription. H 17.5 cm. © Galerie Eberwein.

Provenance: private collection, Rennes, France, acquired in 1960s.

Nesy-Khonsu was the daughter of Smendes II, niece and first wife of Pinudjem II. The titles of Nesy-Khonsu further include: 'Priestess of Khnum, Superintendent of the Southern Lands' and 'Vice Reine of Nubia' (also known as 'Kings’ son of Kush').


Offering bearer, Egypt, Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty, 2000-1800 BC. Gesso painted wood. H 46 cm. © Galerie Eberwein.

Provenance: private collection Freiherr Friedrich Wilhelm von Bissing (1873-1956); private collection, The Netherlands, acquired 1968 at Galerie 2000 in Rotterdam.