Lot 4009.  An imperial edict, Qianlong period, dated to 1780 and of the period; 99 x 12 in. (250 x 31 cm.)Estimate 60,000 - HKD 80,000. Price realised HKD 250,000© Christie's Images Ltd 2012.

The edict is written on silk brocade woven with a pattern of scattered ruyi-clouds mounted as a handscroll, with the text arranged in standard form reading from left to right in Manchu and repeated from right to left in Chinese characters. The Chinese text opens with a four-character title in a vertical line, Fengtian Gaoming, 'By Command of Heaven', flanked by a pair of dragons, followed by a long text ending with the date 45th year of the Qianlong era, corresponding to 1780, and the name of the official. Stamped with two large seal impressions, the edict continues with the Manchu text.

Note: The present edict records an honour to the parents of a Manchu official Jueluo Changlin.

Christie's. The Imperial Sale,  Hong Kong, 30 May 2012